Emily Conover
Emily Conover

Associate Professor of Economics Emily Conover presented her research on Nov. 7 during the Northeast Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) Conference at Brown University. The paper was presented in a session on “Labor Allocation,” which she chaired. Conover also served as a discussant for another paper presented in that session.

Conover’s paper, “Missing Men and Female Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Large-Scale Mexican Migration,” was co-authored by Melanie Khamis of Wesleyan University and Sarah Pearlman of Vassar College. The researchers estimated “the effect of a lower male-female sex ratio on women’s labor market participation and outcomes in Mexico” finding that fewer men in the job market resulted in better jobs and better wages for women.

The research showed that “women are more likely to enter the labor market and participate in higher skill jobs when men are relatively scarce” and that the “increase in skill level employment appears to be driven by increases in education.”

Conover also presented this paper on Oct. 23 at the Empirical Microeconomics seminar at Rutgers University.

Held annually, the NEUDC conference is an international forum in development economics. The location of the conference rotates among the organizing institutions: Boston University, Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, MIT, Tufts University, Williams College and Yale University.

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