Evan Buitenhuis '18 is an intern at Trout Unlimited Canada.

For Evan Buitenhuis ’18, an environmental studies major, choosing something to do this summer was a decision governed by fish. “Outside of school, I am an avid outdoorsman, and my favorite outdoor activity is fishing. I knew from previous internship searches that I wanted to do something outside, studying either ecology or the geosciences, and I have always wanted to work with fish in particular,” said Buitenhuis.

About evan buitenhuis '18

Buitenhuis ’18 is Hamilton’s first men’s hockey player to earn academic all-American honors.

Major: environmental studies

Hometown: Burlington, Ontario

High School: Nelson High School

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This summer, Buitenhuis is interning at Trout Unlimited Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and protecting Canada’s freshwater ecosystems.

Buitenhuis will assist the organization’s Ontario biologist on their new national project called Reconnecting Canada, a conservation effort aimed at reconnecting waterways that have been fragmented by human development to allow fish and other indigenous animals access to their full habitat range. 

Many of the problems TUC confronts, such as land erosion or stranded fish, Buitenhuis has experienced first-hand during his time hiking and fishing, making the mission of TUC personally resonant.

 As an intern, Buitenhuis assists with data collection, helping to develop a database of problem areas, and creates reading material for public outreach. His day typically begins at 8:30 a.m. with an office meeting during which the group discusses upcoming and in-progress projects.

After that, Buitenhuis’ work is entirely dependent on the schedules of his coworkers. His tasks on any given day range from writing brochures to analyzing samples. Once or twice a week, he works outside the office, collecting data or surveying current or prospective project sites.

 “The work TUC does on a daily basis has a positive impact on the environment as a whole and on the fish I enjoy catching. Aspects of both work and play are alive for me at work,” said Buitenhuis. In the coming months, Buitenhuis hopes to continue collecting and analyzing data, working simultaneously as a major contributor to a smaller secondary project.

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