Couper Scholars Program to Fund Scholars' Visits

A $100,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation has been awarded to the Couper Scholars program, named in honor of Hamilton alumnus and trustee Richard Couper '44. Couper was formerly president of the Public Library of New York City and a past president of the Phi Beta Kappa Fellows.

The program will fund visits by four Couper Scholars to various colleges; the goal is to provide the enrichment of a visiting scholar to participating campuses and create contact between Phi Beta Kappa and institutions that are underrepresented among its chapters. Each visit by Couper Scholars will consist of a lecture, informal opportunities for the Couper Scholar to speak with students and department representatives, and a meeting with the dean or directors of the liberal arts and sciences curriculum.

The current Couper Scholars are from the University of California Los Angeles, Columbia University, Rice University and Stanford University.

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