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Screenshot of Hamilton's Crowdrise page
Screenshot of Hamilton's Crowdrise page

Beginning on May 15, Hamilton will embrace new fundraising technology, crowdfunding, to raise $100,000 to refurbish locker rooms and build additional ones. The College has raised nearly enough funds, $4.2 million to date, to build additional facilities and to completely renovate and refurbish all existing locker rooms. This crowdfunding campaign is focused on raising the last necessary $100,000 between May 15 and June 30.

In tandem with the competitive spirit of Hamilton athletic teams, participants in this crowdfunding effort can compete for prizes either as individual donors or by forming their own team of donors. Prizes include, among many others, the opportunity to meet Derek Jeter or to attend a private, advance screening of a new Weinstein Company movie. Interested donors may go to the online fundraising site, Crowdrise, to give as individuals or to create or join teams.

Although the prizes offered to donors - the first 25 teams will receive Alexander Hamilton bobbleheads - are incentives, the true “winners” will be the entire college community with the renewal of the locker rooms. "The overall goal at Hamilton College is, and always has been, to provide the very best student experience we possibly can.  We acknowledge that providing top level locker rooms for our student athletes is one more important piece," said Athletic Director Jon Hind about the project.

Since the existing locker facilities were built, the number of men’s and women’s teams at Hamilton has more than doubled to 29 varsity sports. At the same time, no additional facilities have been built, and the current locker rooms have been untouched. The expanded number of sports teams now restricts winter and spring teams’ access to locker rooms until fall sports have concluded. With nearly 30 percent of students playing at the varsity level, this challenges the college’s competiveness on the field and in its recruitment efforts.

This campaign is open to all including students, parents, alumni and friends. Please email with any questions.

The $400 million campaign to provide students with a life-altering education.

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