Lauren Cupp

In cold, rainy conditions, Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach Lauren Cupp '07 retained her title as women’s champion at the U.S. Speedgolf Open held at Rome Country Club on Oct. 13 in Rome, N.Y. She shot an 84 in 54 minutes. 

More than 40 top speedgolfers from 18 states and seven countries competed. Cupp’s husband, Wes Cupp, won the men’s title.

On an equally rainy day - Monday, Oct. 15 - Cupp rose from third place to the top women’s slot in the World Championships. Held at the Turning Stone's Shenandoah Golf Club, she shot an 86 in 66 minutes on a course that is approximately two miles longer than Rome Country Club's in running distance.   

The next day, Oct. 16,  she and her husband represented Team USA in the World Cup against players from eight other countries. They shot a best ball 71 in 58 minutes to advance to the finals and finished in 3rd place.

Speedgolf competitors compete in an 18-hole tournament that lasts about an hour. Scores are calculated by combining a player’s strokes and elapsed time. The player with the lowest score wins. Competitors are required to carry all their equipment during the tournament usually consisting of between four and six clubs in a lightweight bag.

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