Heather Einhorn '07

The details, for now, are available only on a need-to-know basis. But this much is public knowledge: A secret, international organization of women scientists has coalesced to save the world.

“The fun part is it’s a secret,” says Heather Einhorn ’07, “so a lot of the details you’ll discover in the graphic novel and in the TV show. We’re keeping it under wraps.” The hush-hush organization is known as
The Curie Society. 

As co-founder and CEO of Einhorn’s Epic Productions, Einhorn and her team came up with the idea, and it’s taking off. Working with MIT Press, a Curie Society young adult graphic novel is scheduled for release next year. In addition, MIT Press and Einhorn’s Epic are working with Massive, a science media company, to create a companion online Curie Society made up of real-world women science superheros and young fans. A television show is also in the works.


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This is just the latest project from Einhorn’s Epic Productions. Last year her company teamed with iHeartRadio to create a scripted podcast, Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery, that starred a female teen detective. The New York Times included it in a story about five great podcasts of 2018.

The Curie Society reflects Einhorn’s focus on creating what she describes as “the next generation of heroic franchise properties,” which is diverse and female forward. “For the Curie Society, our goal is to create an exciting, action-adventure entertainment property, but to show a group of diverse women as the heroes — women who are excited about using their intelligence and their scientific skills in action-adventure scenarios,” she explains. She hopes also to inspire young women to pursue STEM careers.

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