Dan Hurwitz ’10, is co-creator of one of newest independently run comedy show in New York City: “Live @ the Apt.” Recently featured in the New York Times, “Live @ the Apt” is a comedy show that is hosted in Hurwitz’s apartment. The informal atmosphere has resonated with the audience and performers alike --  Hurwitz has had to rent larger venues to accommodate the increasing crowds. His show has booked comedians such as Zamata of “Saturday Night Live” and Dan Soder of MTV’s “Guy Code.”
Charles Gould, the show’s host and performing comic, said of the show, “It’s less formal than when you perform at a more conventional comedy venue. It can feel more like a hangout. When the crowd feels like they want to participate, it’s because they’re connected and having a really good time. It’s not always a destructive, annoying heckler situation.”
Dan Hurwitz graduated from Hamilton with a mathematics degree in 2010. However, his time in the Film Production Guild at Hamilton has a greater relevance on his current comedy show. Hurwitz also participated in Adirondack Adventure and competed on the varsity men’s golf and men’s tennis teams.

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