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Dancing on the Stones: Selected Essays

Nichols can find a miraculous universe in a tiny stock pond, turn a rafting trip into a Keystone Kops misadventure, advocate revolution at a moment's notice, and laugh with beguiling aplomb at his own awkward pomposity. Almost everything this long-time New Mexican has to say is at once deadly serious and bright with untrammeled joy and curiosity.

John Nichols is a member of the Hamilton College class of 1962.


"John Nichols has all of Steinbeck's gifts, the same overwhelming compassion for people, plus an even finer sense of humor, and the need to celebrate the cause and dignity of man."
--Chicago Tribune

"[Dancing on the Stones] represents the ‘stepping stones' of Nichols's ‘journey' as an author. . . . Enjoyable to read, the essays provide insights into the political activism of the Sixties, the environmental movement, the beauty of the New Mexico landscape, the development of a writer, and the strength of an individual."
--Library Journal

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