Danforth Museum Displays Prints by Muirhead and Salzillo

Sleeper by Bruce Muirhead
Sleeper by Bruce Muirhead

Juror Jim Dine has selected prints by Professors of Art Bruce Muirhead and Bill Salzillo for the 2011 North American Print Biennial presented by the Boston Printmakers. Jim Dine is a well-known contemporary painter and printmaker and is associated with two prominent movements in American Art – as a creator of Happenings with Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg and Robert Whitman and with the development of Pop art in the early 1960s. Dine chose only 149 prints from more than 2,000 entries.


The exhibition opens on Feb. 27 at The Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Mass., and continues through May 1. It is presented by the Boston Printmakers, one of the nation's oldest arts organizations.

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