Professor Dan Chambliss

In a Chronicle of Higher Education article titled Are Students Socially Connected? Check Their Dining-Hall-Swipe Data, Daniel Chambliss, Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Sociology, confirmed that social connections are crucial to student success. He added that colleges should be paying more attention to the role they play in retention and graduation rates.

Co-author of How College Works, an award-winning book about the student experience, Chambliss also addressed how creating living spaces with long hallways and communal areas goes far in furthering social connections and that college dorms in recent years have offered students fewer places to meet one another.

“It’s a money maker,” he told the Chronicle.  “High-school students think it would be cool to have their own apartment. And it’s cool. But you should wait until your sophomore or junior year after you’ve met other students.” Apartments “tend to isolate people.”

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