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"Dark Week" at U-Pick Live

I'm finally beginning to adjust to life here in the big city. I remember just a week ago I could only enter the subway with the emotional support of my colleagues, for fear that I would get on the wrong train and end up in Mexico. Now I feel like a seasoned transit veteran, transferring and Metrocard swiping with the greatest of ease.

I'm starting to fall into a groove of sort with my internship as well. After my harrowing first day experience, I had the benefit of a "dark week" (a week in which there are no live shows) at U-Pick Live to gather my bearings and sharpen my responsibilities as an intern. On Monday, I was essentially Jeff Probst's water fetching-slave. Jeff is the host of Survivor and he's a thirsty guy. He was there doing some pre-taped segments to be used when the flood of Survivor losers start appearing on U-Pick. During the downtime, the producers let me write some segments (look for my yodeling challenge on this Friday's show) and some goofy questions to ask upcoming celebrity guests. If you ever wanted to know whether the stars of Catch that Kid prefer the term "funky monkey" or "chunky monkey," be sure to turn in next week.

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