An article co-authored by Visiting Assistant Professor of Geosciences Carolyn Dash was recently published in the journal Landscape Ecology. “Land cover influences boreal-forest fire responses to climate change: geospatial analysis of historical records from Alaska” was written with Jennifer Fraterrigo and Feng Sheng Hu of the University of Illinois.

The article presents the results of research on how land cover and weather interact in boreal forest wildfires.

The authors examined the effect climate conditions may have on the arrangement of fuels in these fires. Using data from fires in Alaska from 2002-14, they compared results of fires in warmer/drier years to those in cooler/wetter years.

The researchers found that when conditions were less favorable for forest burning, land cover had a greater influence on boreal fire patterns.

Dash will lead the Hamilton Adirondack Program this fall.


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