David Wippman.
Park the snowplow: Parents need to let first-year college students grow” is both the title and the message delivered by President David Wippman and his co-author, Cornell American Studies Professor Glenn Altschuler, in their essay published in The Hill on Aug. 15. The authors emphasize the need for parents to allow their students “to ‘solve’ problems your students can — and should — sort out for themselves as they learn to become more independent and self-sufficient.”

They reminded parents, “College is an opportunity for students to grow emotionally as well as academically. If you allow your children to make their own choices and live with the consequences, even if it results in a stumble or a fall, you may become the best educators of all.”

In a letter to the editor in The Wall Street Journal published on Aug. 19, Wippman and Altschuler also weighed in on Michael Bloomberg’s essay “Republican Censors Go for Woke.” Their letter points to a common myth repeated by Bloomberg “that on college campuses, ‘Speakers over the past decade have regularly been disinvited, shouted down and even physically attacked.’” They corrected Bloomberg, “In fact, such incidents are extremely rare. In 2021 the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, which maintains a ‘campus disinvitation database,’ identified only 10 cases in which colleges disinvited speakers for political reasons.”

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