Erica De Bruin

Assistant Professor of Government Erica De Bruin published an essay on global trends in militarized policing in Political Violence @ A Glance, a website that provides analysis of current events for foreign-policy makers, scholars, and practitioners.

The essay can be found here. It uses original data on militarized policing around the globe to put recent developments in the United States in comparative context, and highlights just how much we still do not know about the causes and effects of militarized policing.

With Professor of Government Sharon Werning Rivera, De Bruin is co-directing a Levitt Summer Research Group, which includes Max Gersch '23, Alexander Nemeth '22, Jenny Tran '22, and Huzefah Umer '21. The essay for Political Violence @ A Glance presents some of the group's findings, and was improved by feedback from group members.

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