Members of the Class of '22 who have received job offers from Deutsche Bank, from left, Lily Qiu, Quinlan Crowley, Morgan Hartranft, and Jennifer Fleming.

 “Find a great job” is a weighty item (maybe the weightiest) to check off any senior’s to-do list. Just ask the four members of the Class of 2022 whose internships at Deutsche Bank (DB) led to post-graduation jobs there.

They all accepted jobs at DB as investment banking analysts. 

About Quinlan Crowley ’22

Major: Economics
Hometown: Pelham, N.Y.
High School: Pelham Memorial High School 

“It's just really nice to be able to enjoy senior year and focus on classes without having that external thing to worry about,” Morgan Hartranft ’22 said. A sociology and economics double-major, she will work in DB’s real estate, gaming, lodging and leisure group. Quinlan Crowley ’22, who majored in economics, will work in the consumer and business services group. Classmates Lily Qiu and Jennifer Fleming will join the firm’s financial institutions group. Fleming majored in economics and math, and Qiu majored in economics and minored in sociology.                                                   

About Jennifer Fleming '22

Majors: Economics and Mathematics
Hometown: Easton, Mass.
High School: Oliver Ames High School

 All four seniors say Hamilton’s alumni network at DB was instrumental to them landing the summer internships that led to jobs. Hamilton alumni at DB provided them with insights about working at the bank, answered their questions, and helped them prep for interviews. The seniors felt that the alumni were on their side.

“They made it very easy,” Crowley said. “You know, sometimes it's a little difficult, and I guess daunting, to make those phone calls. They are almost like cold calls, and you don't know these older people very well. They have this awesome job, and you really just want their help. But they were super friendly, willing to get any advice, willing to answer all questions. It was great.”

Crowley, who plays lacrosse, also turned to lacrosse team alums for help. 

About Morgan Hartranft  '22

Majors: Sociology and Economics
Hometown: Newton, Mass.
High School: Noble and Greenough School

He and the other seniors don’t intend to forget the support they received from alumni. They intend to reciprocate someday. 

“I feel like I gained so much from the Hamilton alums who helped me throughout the application process, the interview process, and even placement process, and then throughout the internship also,” Qiu said. “So I definitely feel like I would try my best to do the same if anyone ever reached out to me. And just continue the culture at Hamilton that is really supportive and collaborative, which I also felt, especially, at DB and FIG [Financial Institutions group], which is the group I was in, had a similar culture, so I want to continue that.”

About Lily Qiu '22

Major: Economics
Hometown: Montgomery, N.J.
High School: Montgomery High School

Hamilton is a target recruiting school for Deutsche Bank, which sends Hamilton alumni from its ranks to campus a couple of times a year to meet with students. Mark Fedorcik '95, who heads the investment bank at Deutsche Bank, spearheaded the outreach effort that connects Hamilton students with alumni at DB. He’s also a Hamilton alumni trustee. 

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