Several members of the Hamilton community presented during the Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference. The inaugural conference, held Nov. 14-16 at Bucknell University, focused on “Collaborating Digitally: Engaging Students in Faculty Research.”

Co-Director of the DHi Janet Simons, DHi Lead Designer and Software Engineer Gregory Lord and Kerri Grimaldi ’15 discussed “Undergraduate Digital Scholarship: CLASS as a Model for Digital Humanities Scholarship in the Liberal Arts” as part of a roundtable on Institutional Models for Digital Scholarship and Collaboration.

CLASS – or Culture, Liberal Arts and Society Scholars – is a DHi undergraduate fellowship program that provides students with skills training in digital literacies through intensive research and scholarship as well as internship experiences.

The talk emphasized the roles played by multiple partners on campus including members of the DHi’s Collection Development Team.  CLASS training includes sessions taught by Library and Information Technology Services staff members Lisa McFall, Glynis Asu, Reid Larson, Lynn Mayo, Ted Fondak, Bret Olsen and Ben Salzman ’14. 

Lord described ways students develop their understanding of integrating humanities research questions with 3D modelling and interactive web design. This includes weekly training sessions tailored to their specific project needs.

Grimaldi’s presentation focused on her work on “The Beloved Witness” project with Professor of English and Creative Writing Patricia O’Neill as well as other projects she developed as a requirement of CLASS. Grimaldi spent part of her CLASS summer internship in the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.


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