Diggins Leads Campus Tree Walk

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Thomas Diggins led a walk on April 10 teaching students about the tree species found on campus and some natural history of New York.  The walk was open to all students interested, and was geared towards all knowledge levels.  More than 25 types of tree were identified, including American elm, swamp white oak, Kentucky coffeetree and ginkgo, which is considered to be a living fossil.

Diggins is a founding member of the New York Old Growth Forest Association, and is highly active in the movement to identify and protect old growth forests in New York State. "I'm an aquatic biologist by training, but forest ecology has always fascinated me."

No old growth forest exists on Hamilton land, but trees older than 150 years are planted around the campus and are growing in the Root glen.  Another walk will go through the Glen on April 17, and will be open to the campus community also.  This walk will focus more on identifying the native trees of the area.

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