Andrew Groll '19

An open curriculum and studying what you love can take you all over the place, and Andrew Groll ’19 arrived at a literature major with the spectrum-spanning minors of digital arts and medieval and Renaissance studies. His doorway into the digital world came from a job as a Hamilton digital media tutor. Groll never imagined he’d be able to explore technology and the digital realm alongside Shakespeare. We asked him a few questions about his academic path.

About Andrew Groll '19

Major: Literature

Minors: Digital Arts, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Hometown: Armonk, N.Y.

High School: Byram Hills High

Digital Hamilton
On the face of it, your two minors seem far apart in time and space. Is that how you look at it?

While the digital and medieval worlds may seem opposites at first, there is a strong tie that connects them. My studies in the medieval and Renaissance worlds have always been about representation, whether that is through drama, art, or storytelling. These mediums were how artists and historians could convey their histories and beliefs in a permanent fashion. While the medium may have changed, there is no difference between what was done hundreds of years ago and what is done today. Both studies seek to explore the same human experience through different means, and there is something strangely poetic about it.

Do you have a favorite between literature, digital arts, and med/ren?

Of the three my favorite would have to be the digital arts. While Shakespeare and the medieval world are so interesting to me, the ever-expanding digital world provides constantly new and exciting avenues to explore. The exploration into emerging technologies every day provides a learning experience that is never dull. It also constantly shows me that we are living in a digital world that requires a new set of skills that students should be prepared for.

What are you thinking about doing after you graduate from Hamilton?

I’m currently thinking about using my experience in the digital arts and as a digital media tutor to work in higher education as an educational technologist. This would allow me to pursue bringing technology and the digital arts into the classroom in new and exciting ways.

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