Dima's Dog School: The Foolproof New Way to Train Your Dog

Dima’s Dog School takes an innovative approach to dog training. Whereas most dog trainers focus on how to force dogs into taking orders, Dima’s approach is about convincing your dog to act in a pleasing manner by speaking dog. This book will help the reader understand why dogs behave the way they do and how dog owners can help their dogs overcome their bad habits by engaging them in dialogue and teaching them to be good because they want to be.

Emily Randolph '89, coauthor of Dima’s Dog School, was born and raised in Greenwich, Conn., and lives in Britain with her husband, Markus Deutsch '89. Dima Yeremenko has been training dogs professionally for seventeen years, first in his native Ukraine and then in Britain, where he founded Good Boy Dog School in Hampstead.

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