Unpaid Internships Are Made Possible with Summer Internship Funding

You’ve spent countless hours scouring the Internet for the perfect internship. You’ve written dozens of cover letters and submitted your resume to at least ten different employers. You’ve networked and interviewed and now, finally, you’ve been offered the dream internship. The only problem is you can’t afford to work for three months without any pay. Is this the end of the road? Hardly. The Career Center offers several funding options for students in need, and thousands of dollars could be yours after a short application process. Given everything you’ve been through, filling out applications should be second nature by now!

If you are looking at an unpaid or minimally paid internship, the Summer Internship Funding program could cover your cost-of-living expenses. To be eligible, you must be in good academic standing, meet the specific requirements of the fund, and in some cases, demonstrate financial need. Many of the funds and awards are targeting to specific career fields. For example, the Richard & Patsy Couper Grant goes to students interning in public libraries or museums. Other funds, such as The Class of 2006 Internship Fund, is open to students interning in any area. You will submit one application. If chosen, the Selection Committee will make an award using the appropriate fund.

Only one award is granted to each student, and the process is highly competitive.  Although the deadline is not until April 1, students are encouraged to apply sooner than later.  You may be thinking that all this money sounds great, but you won’t even know what internships have accepted you by March. Not to worry! If you end up going with a different organization than the one you list on your application, just send in an updated proposal to be reviewed by the Selection Committee, which can alter the award or create a new one.

For more information about Summer Internship Funding, visit the Career Center website,  download the 2012 Information Packet, and get started on your application!

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