Domack and McCormick Attend NSF Meeting

The LARISSA team met at National Science Foundation for a Principal Investigators meeting on May 5 and 6. LARISSA is a National Science Foundation-funded initiative that joins an international, interdisciplinary team together to address a significant regional problem with global change implications, the abrupt environmental change in Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf System.

Lead Principal Investigator (PI) and Project Director Eugene Domack, the J. W. Johnson Family Professor of Environmental Studies, and Principal Investigator and Associate Professor of Biology Michael McCormick attended along with several representatives from National Geographic Magazine. The publication plans to write about LARISSA's next expedition in 2010 to Antarctica. Other attendees included representatives from national and international colleges and universities, the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs and the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Pictured in the photograph (above) are meeting attendees: Doug Fox (writer, National Geographic), Ross Hein (Raytheon head Marine Technology), Dr. Eugene Domack (Hamilton College, Lead Principal Investigator), Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld (Montclair State University, PI), Dr. Scott Ishman (Southern Illinois University, PI), Dr. Terry Haran (University of Colorado, National Snow and Ice Data Center), Dr. Caroline Lavoie (Hamilton College, Post-doctoral researcher), Dr. Cindy Lee Van Dover (Duke University, PI), Dr. Julia Wellner (University of Houston, PI), Dr. Mike McCormick (Hamilton College, PI), Dr. Craig Smith (University of Hawaii, PI), Dr. Maria Vernet (Scripps Institute of Oceanography, PI), Dr. Ellen Mosely-Thompson (Ohio State University-Byrd Polar Research Center, PI), Dr. Lonnie Thompson (Ohio State University-Byrd Polar Research Center, PI),Dr. Gregg Balco (Univeristy of California-Berkley, PI), Dr. Martin Truffer (Univesity of Alaska, PI), Dr. Bruce Huber (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, PI), Dr. Amy Leventer (Colgate University, PI), Dr. Marc DeBatist (University of Ghent, PI), Dr. Kelly Falkner (Program Director National Science Foundation, Office Polar Programs), and Dr. Alexander Isacs (Marine Operations manager, National Science Foundation, Office Polar Programs). Not pictured but in attendance: Dr. Ted Scambos (National Snow and Ice Data Center, PI), Dr. Erin Pettit (University of Alaska, PI), Maria Stenzel (National Geographic), Sarah Park (National Geographic). Not in attendance: Dr. Arnold Gordon (Lamont –Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, PI).
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