Domack Attends LARISSA Planning Meeting

Eugene Domack, the J.W. Johnson Professor of Environmental Studies, attended a planning meeting for the Araon cruise on May 21-24.  The LARISSA Antarctic team will participate in the Araon cruise during the next Antarctic season with 20 Korean marine scientists. Hamilton students will also be aboard the RVIB Araon, the new Korean research icebreaker. This past season four Korean scientists participated in the LARISSA cruise aboard the U.S. ship NB Palmer.

A banquet was held in conjunction with this meeting at Je Ju Island, Republic of Korea. Among the attendees were Ho Il Yoon, director of the marine paleoenvironmental group; Hong Kum Lee, president of the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI); and Dr. Park, founder and past-president of the Korea Ocean Research and Development Organization (KORDI) and past-president of KOPRI. Domack has been working with KORDI and KOPRI and traveling to Korea since 1991.

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