Domack Invited Speaker at Geological Society Meeting

Eugene Domack
Eugene Domack

Eugene Domack, the Joel W. Johnson Family Professor of Geosciences, was an invited speaker at the 2012 Fermor Meeting of the Geological Society, Sept. 19-21 in London. The meeting was titled “The Neoproterozoic Era: Evolution, Glaciation, Oxygenation” and, according to its website, brought together a “diverse group of geoscientists actively researching the Neoproterozoic Earth System.”


Domack presented “Icehouse to greenhouse transitions in earth history: physical and biological consequences in the aftermath of the ‘Snowball Earth’ and collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf,” in which he compared “the ancient record of deglaciation from the Late Neoproterozoic with modern process and ecosystem observations prior to and following catastrophic ice shelf collapse in Antarctica.” His talk focused on changes in “chemotrophic ecosystem functioning, development of permissive ecosystems, altruism, isolation and expansion of the physical environment and invasive species.”

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