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Eugene Domack
Eugene Domack

Domack Presents Invited Talk in Korea

Korea Polar Research Institute Presents Symposium

By Vige Barrie
Posted July 29, 2009
Tags Antarctica Environmental Studies Eugene Domack Geosciences
Eugene Domack, the J. W. Johnson Family Professor of Geosciences, attended the 16th International Symposium on Polar Sciences in June in Incheon, Korea, where he presented an invited talk titled “Larsen Ice Shelf System (LARISSA): A Multi-disciplinary Earth Systems Approach to Antarctic Environmental Change.” Domack’s attendance at the symposium offered an opportunity to strengthen links with Korean colleagues from the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) and to develop a preliminary plan to collaborate on acoustic monitoring of ice calving and quaking.

KOPRI annually hosts polar scientists in the world to discuss the progress and future of polar sciences. This symposium focused on two themes: understanding the currently changing physical and ecological features of the polar oceans due to climate change and exploration of unique aspects of the polar ocean ridge in view of tectonics, magmatism and hydrothermal vent system. It also addressed the development of collaborative research programs on a new Korean icebreaker.


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