Danie Edwards '21

Some people spend their leisure time watching Netflix. Others go for a run in the Glen. Daniella ‘Danie’ Edwards ’21, however, spends her leisure time skiing competitively. The countless hours she has spent training and practicing throughout high school and college landed her a spot at the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association Nationals in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

The competition is taking place from March 11 to 16. Edwards qualified as an individual as part of the Alpine National Team for the region after Hamilton’s team did not qualify. Edwards cannot wait to represent Hamilton during the prestigious competition.

Skiing defined Edwards’ high school experience. She attended the Stratton Mountain School in Vermont, a ski academy that integrated training into every student’s schedule. She skied for three hours each morning and attended class afterward—a rigorous schedule that required “a lot of time management,” Edwards remarked. Such intensive training creates a very competitive environment as Edwards raced almost every weekend of her high school career.

While applying to college, Edwards wanted to choose a school where she could ski, but it would not control her experience. Hamilton was the perfect location for her because the environment is much less competitive but allows her to continue racing most weekends. Everyone on Hamilton’s Alpine Ski team has a different level of ski experience, Edwards noted, which makes each practice and race even more exciting.

Because of its formative role in her childhood, Edwards has learned a lot from skiing. The biggest lesson she has learned is to always be resilient, even when you do not do well. “Because skiing is not a team sport, failure feels more real when you don’t meet your expectations,” she said.

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