Professor Daniel Chambliss in class

The Chronicle of Higher Education pointed to the relationship between Professor of Sociology Daniel Chambliss and the book he co-authored, How College Works, as principal factors in changing Denison University’s approach to cultivating mentorships. In an article titled “Relationships Are Central to the Student Experience. Can Colleges Engineer Them?” Denison President Adam Weinberg explained how he had met Chambliss when Weinberg was a young professor. “[He] was struck by the way Mr. Chambliss … interacted with the students, how he knew them as individuals and helped each of them connect to their research.”

After How College Works was published, Weinberg paid attention to one of the book’s key finding: “Relationships shape the student experience. And of those relationships, they write, the ‘most valuable’ ones are mentorships.” According to the article, “Chambliss translated his findings into some advice for the new president. It’s tempting, he said, to focus on initiatives and the strategic plan. Prioritize relationships instead. That tip, Mr. Weinberg says, has ‘changed everything for me.’”

The article appeared online on Jan. 14 and on the front page of the Jan. 19 Chronicle print edition.

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