Chronicle of Higher Ed Features STOP Day

The men's lacrosse team participates in STOP Day
The men's lacrosse team participates in STOP Day

Hamilton’s STOP Day, celebrated recently on Feb. 23, was the subject of a Chronicle of Higher Education feature article, “Hey, Students, Your Education Costs More Than You Might Think,” published on March 18. Writer Beckie Supiano reported on the day’s purpose, “to raise students' awareness that they all benefit from donations to the college, to ask their help in thanking benefactors, and to prepare them to give back as alumni.” (A subscription is required for access to the complete story after March 22.)

The article outlined STOP Day activities as well as student reaction. The article concluded with one student’s response to the day. “What the college seemed to be saying was tough to swallow, …‘You're doing everything you can to pay the baseline, and it's not enough.’ But as he learned more about the event, he changed his mind. Thanking donors, he said, made sense….

“[the student] also got the message that giving back later will be important, if for a different reason. Down the road, he said, his résumé will be judged by Hamilton's current reputation, not by what it was when he enrolled. That means donating to the college can boost the value of his own diploma.”

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