Huffington Post Publishes Lafley Oped

A. G. Lafley '69
A. G. Lafley '69

An opinion piece titled “A Liberal Education: Preparation for Career Success” written by Board of Trustees Chair and former Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley ’69 was published on Huffington Post’s site on Dec. 6. In addressing the question often asked by college students, “What subjects and what majors should I choose to ensure their long-term success?,” Lafley replied, “…pursue a liberal arts education. For most people, it's the best foundation for a successful career.

“…as someone who spent many years assessing the skills and talents of management prospects for a wide range of disciplines and industries, I know that the candidates who were the most attractive manager prospects were those with a well-exercised mind, leadership potential, and the passion to make a difference. These success factors can be cultivated in many ways, but all are best developed by taking courses in the liberal arts and sciences.”

Suggesting how businesses can compete in today’s economy, Lafley wrote, “hire employees with the mental agility, leadership and passion to navigate constant change -- in other words, hire those who are liberally educated.”

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