Cameron Feist '04
Cameron Feist '04

A New York Times article about a service called College Abacus that provides financial aid information for college-bound students featured Hamilton as a college willing to work with that service to ensure that accurate data would be available.

Quite a few of the college’s peers are not willing to expend the time necessary to test the service’s processes, thereby preventing families from comparing their institutions with others simultaneously. The Jan. 16 article titled “Concealing the Calculus of Higher Education” included photos of campus as well as of Director of Financial Aid Cameron Feist ’04.

According to the article by the Times’Your Money” reporter Ron Lieber, College Abacus is just one college search site among many. Lieber asked Feist why the financial aid office was willing to spend about 15 hours testing this particular service in advance of a yearlong trial period. Feist replied, “We don’t ever want there to be barriers in front of students who are considering Hamilton.”

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