New York Times Features Isserman Book Review

Maurice Isserman
Maurice Isserman

A book review written by Maurice Isserman, the James L. Ferguson Professor of History, appeared in The New York Times Book Review on June 19. In “Life of a Psychohistorian,” Isserman provided an overview of the life of Robert Jay Lifton and a review of Lifton’s autobiography, A Witness to an Extreme Century. 


As Isserman explained, “Robert Jay Lifton has been recognized as a leading ‘psychohistorian,’ or as he prefers to define his vocation, a ‘historically minded psychiatrist.’ Psychohistory is the field of inquiry that explores the psychological motives of individuals and groups of historical actors, as well as the psychological impact of historical events.” Lifton’s best known book is Death in Life: Survival of Hiroshima.

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