New York Times "The Choice" Features Chambliss Column

Dan Chambliss
Dan Chambliss

The New York Times “The Choice” blog featured a column by Dan Chambliss, the Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Sociology, titled “College Basics for High School Juniors” on June 25.  Chambliss' suggestions included these:

  • Unless you have studied a trade or plan to enter the military, “a college degree is necessary for a decent life in 21st-century America.”
  • Find the best “fit” for what you want out of college.
  • Calculate the costs and explore the possibilities for financial aid.
  • Do your research.

Chambliss noted that, “Online programs … are not for your typical recent high school graduate” and that “small classes, good teachers, exciting lectures, fellow students who really want to learn: these are the factors to watch for.”

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