Washington Post Features Admission Poster

The Washington Post’s College Inc. blog featured Hamilton’s newest admission poster, a silver metallic sheet on which a foot-square QR (quick response) code with one word, “Hamilton,” in large blue lettering is printed. The article, “Hamilton College puts QR code on admissions poster,” included an explanation of the QR code, “a blotch of ink that communicates an Internet address to a smart phone, which can then bring up the address without the unthinkable toil of manually typing it in.”

The code on the Hamilton poster takes visitors to a unique page created especially for them that offers a  gallery of campus images with a welcome message.  Reporter Daniel de Vise praised Hamilton for its innovative approach. “There is a shortage of new ideas in college recruiting, and each one has a brief shelf life. Kudos, then, to Hamilton College in New York for being the first institution to think of printing a giant Quick Response code as an admissions poster.”

The poster was sent to high school guidance offices around the nation a few weeks ago. So far, nearly 1,000 individuals have clicked on the website poster page.

The College Inc. blog “discusses the business behind the school,” according to The Washington Post website. The article appeared on Sept. 28.

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