Emerson Visiting Scholar Named at Hamilton College

Tamara L. Burk has been appointed theEmerson Visiting Distinguished Scholar for Faculty Development at HamiltonCollege for the 1998-99 academic year.

Burk is an instructor of communications studies at the College of William andMary and serves as oral communication program director.

The Emerson Visiting Distinguished Scholar assists faculty in developing soundteaching strategies by designing classroom speaking exercises, managingclassroom discussion, enlarging students' understanding of various kinds oforal communications and promoting cross-cultural communication.

Burk earned bachelor's and master's degrees in speech communications from theUniversity of Maine, and an Ed.S in higher education from the College ofWilliam and Mary. In 1997 she completed work toward her Ph.D in educationalpolicy, planning and leadership, with her dissertation on "FacultyInstructional Development and Oral Communication in Freshmen Seminars at theCollege of William and Mary."

Burk has presented at numerous professional conferences and lectures on thetopic of oral communications. She is also the author of several professionalpublications, including, Teaching Oral Communication in Grades K-8(1998), with A.L. Chaney.

Hamilton College is an independent, highly selective liberal arts collegethat was founded in 1812. It is named for Alexander Hamilton, the firstsecretary of the treasury, and features a strong curriculum in the humanities,the arts, the sciences and the social sciences.

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