Emily Melhorn '01 Will be Artist-in-Residence

Emily Melhorn '01
Emily Melhorn '01

Emily Melhorn '01 has been selected as a 2012 artist-in-residence for the National Homestead Monument of America with the National Parks Service. Melhorn is one of five artists who have been offered the opportunity to live at the monument and let their work be inspired by the Homestead Story and the physical environment.


The Homestead Act of 1862 was signed by President Lincoln and gave individuals 160 acres of federal land west of the Mississippi. To obtain title to the land, homesteaders were to live on it for five years and demonstrate they had developed and improved it.


Melhorn, a writer, will be at the monument from Aug. 23-Sept. 10. She is anticipating being able to "physically inhabit this preserved historic landscape in hopes that she may more greatly connect with the lives and tribulations of Homesteaders."


At Hamilton, Melhorn majored in creative writing and minored in philosophy. She most recently served as director of business affairs for Lions Gate Entertainment.  She is currently a freelance writer and legal clearance.

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