Peter Cannavò

Professor of Government Peter Cannavò recently participated in a Zoom webinar on “Energy and Environmental Policy in the Age of Coronavirus.” Presented by the Jack Miller Center Political Economy series at Xavier University, the event was hosted by Take It On 2020, a program of Xavier’s political science department.

Cannavò was joined by Dan Byers, vice president for policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute, and Liz Blume, director of the Community Building Institute at Xavier. Publicity materials for the webinar described it as a “discussion of U.S. environmental policy in the face of coronavirus.”

According to Xavier’s website, Take It On 2020: Seeking Difference, Exploring Common Ground was developed as a way to promote “constructive, reflective dialogue,” create spaces for “engagement with difficult issues,” and to “proactively prepare for challenges in 2020, notably regarding the 2020 election, and build capacity to be responsive to those who seek to break our community bonds.”

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