Erdinc-Koker Awarded Syracuse University Maxwell School Grant to Develop Course

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics Didar Erdinc-Koker has been awarded a curriculum development grant from the Syracuse University Maxwell School European Union Center. Erdinc-Koker will use the grant to develop a new course on "Law and Economics in the EU," with a specific emphasis on the anti-trust legislation in the EU and its competition policy.

Several U.S. companies, including Microisoft, have been fined by the EU Commissio non the grounds of monopoly behavior and some others were  prevented from merging despite being American companies. Three Hamilton students will work with Erdinc to develop case studies on the EU competition policy.

Erdinc is a Jean Monnet Professor of European Economic Integration. This program is sponsored by the European Commission (the main executive organ of the EU) which funds EU related research and curriculum.

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