Eric Kuhn '09 Quoted in Associate Press Article

Eric Kuhn '09 was interviewed for and featured in an Associated Press article titled "Youth Vs. Adults in Gadget Wars" released on Tuesday, Jan. 22. The article examined the feelings of young people as their elders encroach on what many young adults and teens consider their technological turf. 

Kuhn, identified as a Hamilton junior and a blogger on online social network etiquette, described his quandary when he was asked by his parents to accept their Facebook invitations. The article has been featured on hundreds of news sites including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and Yahoo! as well as newspapers around the country.

Kuhn was subsequently contacted by KPCC public radio in Pasadena, California, to participate in a live half-hour interview on the topic. He was joined on air with Washington Post technology writer Mike Musgrove on the Patt Morrison Public Affairs Show. According to The Los Angeles Times, "Southern California Public Radio operates KPCC-FM … and helped the station climb atop the heap of local public radio ratings with its smart mix of news and public affairs"
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