As a creative writing major, Eva Lynch-Comer ’19 knows a lot about what makes a good story. This summer, she is putting that talent to good use as an intern at the Hannigan Salky and Getzler Literary Agency, a boutique agency in Chelsea, N.Y. Lynch-Comer spends her time reading manuscripts, helping to decide which works will move forward and end up published.

about Eva Lynch-Comer '19

Hometown: Elizabeth, N.J. 

High School: Elizabeth High School: Upper Academy

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Lynch-Comer explained that she’s always loved reading and literature. “I wanted a job where I could do what I loved and enjoyed to do—which is read. I’ve always wanted to learn more about how a book goes from an idea in an author’s mind, to a finished product on a book shelf.” Through the Career Center’s First Year Forward program, she was able to assess her skills and interests and learn more about how to begin pursuing a career in publishing.

Now, as an intern at HSG, she spends most of her days reading manuscripts. She critiques each manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluating elements such as voice, character development, plot and pacing. She then shares her evaluation with one of HSG’s literary agents. Her critiques help to eliminate weaker manuscripts and promote the strongest ones, which the agents will then work with to move forward toward publication.

Lynch-Comer said that working closely with experienced agents has been one of the most rewarding parts of her internship. She reads for a number of HSG’s agents, including Hamilton graduate Danielle Burby ’12. She commented, “It is nice to be able to talk about books with them, to see how they analyze and edit manuscripts, and observe as they make business deals.”

As her internship has progressed, Lynch-Comer has not only learned a lot about the publishing industry, she’s learned to trust her own voice. “I have learned that it’s okay to have strong opinions and that I have to be able to defend them,” she explained. “The agents need me to be honest so they can pick up the manuscripts that are the strongest.”

At the end of the day, Lynch-Comer is helping to choose and develop excellent manuscripts, and that role is a dream come true for her. “I feel that in a way,” she said, “I am helping to send out wonderful stories into the world.”

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