Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport

According to the book jacket, "Fair Play is a rigorous exploration of the ethical presuppositions of competitive athletics and their connection both to ethical theory and to concrete moral dilemmas that arise in actual athletic competition. Professor Simon develops a model of athletic competition as a mutually acceptable quest for excellence and applies it to a variety of ethical issues that arise in sport." This revised edition of the original book includes some new material and updated information and examples. There is a new chapter on the commercialization of sport, as well as additions to the sections on Title IX and intercollegiate sports, including a discussion of The Game of Life, a widely discussed which criticizes the effect athletics has on colleges.


"Simon is a master at sorting out reasoned positions on complex moral issues in the world of sport. This revision - thorough, insightful, provacative and balanced - is an important and welcome addition to the literature."
-Scott Kretchmar, Professor of Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University

"The issues covered are presented in a balanced manner and range from abstract questions concerning the nature of sport to applied issues such as the ethics of performance-enhancing drugs, the commercialization of sport, and gender equity."

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