Jeremy Mathurin '16

When he graduated from Hamilton, Jeremy Mathurin ’16 put his public policy major to immediate use in a career as a consultant at Deloitte D.C., the largest professional services firm in the world. He learned about the job through Hamilton alumna Hannah Carlisle ’14.

Through this connection, and with a lot of prep work and research, Mathurin was able to navigate the highly competitive world of finance. It wasn’t what he’d expected to pursue when he started at the College. Public policy is a fairly new interest for Mathurin. His initial career goal was education. As he entered his junior year on the Hill, he was drawn to the world of finance and economics through Introduction to Economics.

Until he pivoted, Mathurin spent his summers as a student, volunteer and then teacher for Breakthrough Collaborative, which provides academic programming in U.S. cities. When he discovered his interest in econ, he moved into working in budget analysis, financial planning and grant writing at Collaborative’s Miami branch. 

Mathurin gained hands-on experience during the academic year, too. He spent a semester of his junior year in the Hamilton in New York City program, which immersed him in the business world. He secured an internship with the corporate finance division of the New York Nets. The work was substantive.

“They were trusting me with thousands of dollars and real information. I wanted more,” he says.

Mathurin credits the Hamilton environment for his successes. “Hamilton tells you to make sure you test all the options,” he says.

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