Dan Tu ’20, a digital media intern for the College communications office, shares reflections and his top 10 photos from his first semester on campus.

My name is Dehao Tu, and I’m a Chinese international student at Hamilton.

I am from Ningbo, a small city near Shanghai, and I studied in Southern California for three years before I came here.

The reason I migrated from the West Coast to the east was because I was looking for things like snow, new people and a tough education to hone me before I got too spoiled by the warm weather.

Since I am an introverted and sometimes idle person, I always need some ways to motivate myself, so I applied for my first job with the communications office as a freelance photographer. Since then, I have received sufficient funds for my occasional caffeine doses and I was able to slow my daily routine so that I could observe this beautiful campus, which is a truly amazing place with gifted people.

I went to various events such as concerts, coffee houses, poetry readings and conferences, witnessing the talents of the students and their endeavors to create a strong community. I was so moved when I saw the Love Trumps Hate march after the recent election, and as a student photographer, my dual identities as a participant and an observer gave me a unique lens that  allowed me to appreciate the community in which I live and study.

Now at the end of this first semester, I gladly see myself surrounded by snow, interesting people and an unbelievable amount of work I have to finish!

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