Yieleh-Chireh '12 to Begin Public Service Internship in D.C.

Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh '12
Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh '12

For students interested in public policy, the chance to spend a summer in Washington, D.C., means an opportunity to be involved in policy making and to observe government officials at work.  Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh ’12 sees the value in this opportunity, and will be traveling to the nation’s capital for a summer 2011 Public Service Internship at the Public Forum Institute.


These new internships are an element of the Levitt Leadership Program which supports the development and practice of personal leadership skills in the context of individual career goals in order to foster a global mindset, ethical behavior and regard for the public good.

The Public Forum Institute is a nonprofit organization that, according to Yieleh-Chireh, “facilitates public engagement on a range of policy issues, including small business and entrepreneurship.” Yieleh-Chireh’s responsibilities will include assisting in organizing the Institute’s Global Entrepreneurship week, which assembles both policymakers and youth from around the globe to present on issues and innovative policies to support entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he will attend meetings, such as congressional hearings, and work on an independent research project in business, domestic politics, or international affairs.


As a public policy major, Yieleh-Chireh understands the necessity of remaining updated on current events. Working with the Public Forum Institute will allow him a wealth of information regarding various controversial policies, including education and healthcare. Furthermore, he looks forward to the opportunity to sit in on congressional hearings and Washington seminars, observing members of legislature directly. Above all, however, Yieleh-Chireh states, “I simply look forward to learning new things and new perspectives on life.”


In his free time, Yieleh-Chireh enjoys spending time with his friends, engaging in sports - especially soccer, and writing on his blog. This summer, he plans to closely follow politics in Ghana, his home country, and explore Washington, D.C., a city that he loves and wishes to live in eventually. He expects a new array of experiences and knowledge from his upcoming internship, and the opportunities that await him in the U.S. capital are sure not to disappoint.

Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh is a graduate of Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School in Accra, Ghana.

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