Wall Street

Thirty-five Finance Club members rose before dawn on a recent Friday to make a whirlwind day of visits to alumni in the banking industry.

Paul Giuliano ’19 led the trip comprised equally of first-year students and sophomores, and one junior. The group boarded a bus at KJ Circle and headed off to The Big Apple.    

Brandon Tobin ’19, a student on Hamilton’s Program in New York this semester and intern at Cypress Associates, guided the way to the first stop at Citigroup.  Rashveena Rajaram ’15 greeted the group and led them to a large conference room where they eagerly packed into the front rows. Jeff Hopsicker ’17 and Mike Guba ’14 joined the students and shortly after, Clay Hale ’94, the main speaker, arrived and the day began. 

They presented an overview of an investment bank, then detailed their respective divisions. All speakers expanded on concepts that the club had covered throughout the year, providing a detailed account of their day-to-day life inside the bank. Finally, the alumni fielded students’ questions for about 10 minutes.

After lunch, it was off to Goldman Sachs. Ellie Ducommun ’16 led the group to a large conference room where other alumni joined them. It was casual Friday for them, and the conversation took the same form. After sharing the various aspects of their jobs, ranging from Investment Banking to Securities to Private Wealth, students broke up into small groups for an open, informative Q&A. The questions flowed and the alumni responses were passionate and honest.

The third and final stop was at Deutsche Bank.  After passing through security, the Club members packed into the elevators and headed up to the 47th floor led by Chris Lloyd ’09.  They were greeted by the Hamilton Recruiting Team, including Hamilton’s own Stewart Lloyd ’08. The students split into small groups once again, and the Deutsche bankers rotated from table to table answering all questions with sincerity and willingness to help. The session was intimate and informative, and students thanked the alumni for their selflessness as they left the bank.

All three visits were filled with intense listening and diligent note taking. The great work ethic and eagerness to learn by members of the Finance Club was clear, and alumni offered genuine and thought-provoking responses. The room was filled with mutual respect for the alumni sacrificing their time to speak with the students, as well as for students’ willingness to listen and learn.

The Finance Club’s annual trip to New York City is a must for any Hamilton student interested in any aspect of the finance industry. The ability to personally meet, learn from, and connect with some of Hamilton’s most successful alumni in the finance industry is an invaluable once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trip can open the door to building relationships with alumni who are committed to helping. 

Brandon Tobin ’19 summed up the day. “There was a large alumni presence at each bank. It was a great learning experience and introduced us to the finance world and the different tracks one can take,” he said.


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