David Wippman.

Florida’s new Black history standards are misleading and offensive” an op-ed co-authored by President David Wippman and Cornell Professor Glenn Altschuler, expounded on the serious omissions in the state’s new Black history standards. “Apparently, Board [of Education] members don’t know anything about — or want to erase — the actual history of slavery and racism in their state,” the authors wrote in their July 30 essay in The Hill.

The writers listed some of the many cruelties wrought upon Florida’s Black citizens before and after the Civil War, including the 1920 election day massacre in Ocoee. They concluded their essay by writing, “Instead of doubling down on its white-washing of Black history mandates, Florida’s Board of Education should repeal them, and authorize instruction that enhances students’ understanding of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and the 1920 Election Day Massacre in Ocoee.”

“Florida’s new Black history standards are misleading and offensive” appeared in the July 30 issue of The Hill.

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