Former U.S. Representative Richard Hanna speaking to students, faculty and staff

Richard Hanna –  who served three terms (2011-2017) as a Republican in the House, representing New York's 24th & 22nd congressional districts – came to the Levitt Center to share his reflections on the current political climate. The conversation, held on April 19 and attended by students, faculty and staff, addressed a wide range of topics related to regional, national, and international politics. Here are a few quotes from the luncheon meeting:

  • “In a democracy, everyone has skin in the game.”
  • “You need money to be in government. You have to go along to get along or you have to have your own money. In this district, you need $1.5 million to get your message out on radio and TV.”
  • “I viewed it [serving as U.S. Representative] as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
  • “There’s no evil inherent in capitalism. Everyone who makes a good living shouldn’t be vilified.”
  • “What to do about China stealing technology? That’s a tough one.”
  • “There has to be a moral equation to every decision you make. There isn’t a balance of free enterprise and compassion anymore. It’s becoming Darwinian [in Washington]." 

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