Frederique Dupre ’12 Named Hamilton's 27th GOLD Scholar

Frederique Dupre
Frederique Dupre
High School: Ridgefield High School, Ridgefield, Conn.
Major: Sociology
Minors: Classical Studies, French
Campus Activities: Alumni Relations Intern, Campus Tour Guide, Tour Guide Advisory Board, Pub Trivia
Last Movie Seen in Theaters:Hot Tub Time Machine (I kid you not)
Favorite Movie: Being John Malkovich
Favorite Song:
Clubland” by Elvis Costello
Favorite Place You’ve Lived on Campus: Milbank 30
Last Book Read:Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath
Favorite Book: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers
Travel, reading, trivia, whistling, running G-Road, languages
Favorite Place on Campus: Spring - The hammocks on the Glen House porch; Winter – Fireplace Lounge in Beinecke
Campus Dining Location: Opus Lunch in that new courtyard-y place in front of McEwen
Fondest Hamilton Memory To-Date: Spending a fall afternoon riding around campus on Golden Bikes with a friend
Favorite Quote: “Life can only be understood backwards; it must be lived forwards.” -Søren Kierkegaard
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Ridgefield, Conn., and have lived there my whole life. Ridgefield is a small town about an hour outside of New York City, which was always convenient growing up because I have a lot of relatives who live in the city. New England is a great place to grow up because I got to fully experience all four seasons (not that I don't love the October-May Clinton snow, of course). My town is a pretty close-knit community, and having lived there my entire life I knew when I started college-hunting that I wanted my school to have that same community feeling.
How did you discover Hamilton?
To be completely honest, I did not even want to look at Hamilton. I had heard of it before but had written it off with the usual stereotypes: too small, too cold, too rural, etc. My mom had to twist my arm to get me to look at the school, but I am so happy she did! Once I came to campus and took a tour I was immediately enchanted. Obviously the campus is beautiful, but I also was struck by how friendly everyone was and found the open curriculum very appealing. It wasn’t a school I was considering before, but after visiting, Hamilton shot right up to the top of my list.
What were your first impressions of the College? 
I'll never forget my first impression of Hamilton. When taking my tour, I remember that not only did everyone look intelligent, but they looked like they were having fun. And every person I encountered that was a current student, had graduated, or was connected to the school in some way was so friendly! I felt welcome even though I was still just a junior in high school, and I find today that all of my initial impressions still ring true. Hamilton students are smart and like to have fun. The school remains as invigorating a place as I first perceived it.
What are your plans after Hamilton? 
My plans after Hamilton are to go to graduate school to get a master’s in education or education administration. My time as a tour guide and Alumni Office intern has convinced me that higher education administration is the field I would like to go into after I complete my studies. What can I say, I love college! I hope to move to a city — preferably New York, Washington, D.C., or Boston, but every so often I entertain the idea of moving out to the West Coast.
What advice or perspective would you share with alumni?
In addition to expressing my gratitude to Hamilton alumni for all that they do for life on campus, I would like to say that the College does really benefit from every donation made. I know that young alumni in particular cannot usually donate huge sums of money to the Annual Fund, but even the smallest donation makes a difference. Every dollar that is contributed goes on to make the Hamilton experience richer for everyone.
GOLD Scholars is an initiative supported by the Annual Fund, which has always provided direct support for the College's most important current priorities, especially scholarship aid. Since 2006 gifts from the GOLD Group – Graduates of the Last Decade – specifically support students on campus. With each $15,000 increment collectively contributed, the College will select a student as a GOLD Scholar for 2009-10.
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