Claire Mouflard.

Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies Claire Mouflard's article, "Stages, Streets, and Social Media: Intersectional Feminism and Online Activism in France during the Pandemic," was published in the peer-reviewed journal French Politics, Culture & Society in October 2022.

In her article, Mouflard details how cyberactivism allowed French and Francophone female artists to protest racial and gender-based injustices during the French lockdown of 2020, in light of the Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements.

In addition, she addresses the harassment that these artists turned activists experienced online from opposing groups such as the "féministes identitaires" and the "masculinistes." Mouflard also questions the utopian notion of universal digital access, and the need to return to the streets post-Covid, as "an essential step that will continue to democratize intersectional feminism beyond the virtual sphere."

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