Ghost Dance

For outdoorsman and documentary filmmaker Patrick Gallagher, Lawton, Vermont, is a fresh start…and a last chance. For beautiful, haunted local policewoman Andie Nightingale, it is a refuge and a prison. But for them both-and for every living resident of the sleepy New England hamlet-it is about to become Hell on Earth.

Gallagher discovers the first corpse while fishing: a large man, tortured, ravaged, and mutilated; an unspeakable horror despoiling a pristine natural landscape. And there are more murders to come, each more gruesome than the last. An elusive and terrifying killer preying on the small, isolated community is awakening the personal demons that plague Gallagher and Nightingale, drawing them into the nightmare of a past century. And the secret to the power and obsession of a fearsome force of twisted vengeance called "Charun" waits in a spiritual place that Patrick Gallagher and Andie Nightingale most fear but now must enter: the forbidden realm of the...Ghost Dance.


"Skillfully plotted...an ingenious story...crackling good...guaranteed to seize and grip your attention from first page to last."
-- Manchester Journal Inquirer

"A grisly tale...a web of destruction that includes government assassins, spiritualists, and even Sitting Bull's niece."
-- Chicago Tribune

"A master of the art...[of] good old-fashioned storytelling."
--Syracuse Herald American

"Mark Sullivan combines poetic writing with eerie elements of mysticism to fashion yet another fascinating thriller."
-- Tess Gerritsen

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