Courtney Gibbons

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Courtney Gibbons attended the 2018 New Trends in Syzygies workshop at the Banff International Research Station in Alberta, Canada, June 24 to 29.

Syzygies are intimately linked to free resolutions, and they measure properties of algebraic objects. The workshop highlights recent developments and provides opportunities for participants to work on new and remaining open questions in the field.

According to BIRS, "Free resolutions and syzygies are algebraic objects used throughout algebraic geometry, combinatorics, mathematical physics, topology, and algebra. Recently several long-standing open problems on free resolutions have been settled, such as the Eisenbud-Goto Conjecture, Stillman's Problem, and the Boij-Soederberg Conjectures, but other important questions remain. This workshop brings together world experts in the various problems on syzygies to identify and attack some of the outstanding problems of this field."

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