Emma Mae Regan '22
Emma Mae Regan ’22 is exploring the world of public policy through an internship at the Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm Global Policy Group (GPG). Founded by Ian Graig ’79, GPG provides domestic and international corporations across a range of business sectors with assistance regarding U.S. politics.
Regan’s role consists largely of attending virtual programs: think tank events, Senate and House committee hearings, and nonprofit events. Her job is to process the information and take notes on the proceedings that she compiles into a full report she shares with her boss.

Regan has also been tasked with doing research that looks at different federal departments of the U.S. government. Most recently, she examined the Department of Energy, focusing on climate change, energy sources, and economics policies.      

The documents that Regan creates will ultimately be shared with certain GPG clients to give them “a better understanding of the climate in the United States, U.S. politics, and foreign policy,” she said. “Because the documents are from a college student’s perspective, they are written in a way that’s more understandable — especially if the client is from abroad.”

Last fall, Regan attended a Career Center event about students who had done internships in government. There, she heard Kayleigh Miller ’21 talk about her time at GPG, where she had interned the previous summer. “[Kayleigh] had a really positive experience there and it sounded like GPG was aligned with my academic and professional interests,” Regan recalled. Afterward, she met with Miller, who put Regan into contact with Graig, leading her to the internship application process. 

Emma Mae Regan ’22

Major: World Politics and French and Francophone Studies
Hometown: Arlington, Va.
High School: The Potomac School

Regan highlighted two Hamilton courses, Politics in China and Politics in Russia, as particularly valuable in her current position. “A lot of the events I’ve gone to have been focused on Russia and China and their relationship with the U.S.,” she said. “Those classes have been very useful for attending events, because I feel like I already understand what’s going on.”

On her post-graduation plans, Regan noted that “I’m trying to keep my options open.” The field of international relations, she said, is very diverse, with a lot of different possibilities. As of now, she added, “I’d really like to work for either a consulting firm or a nonprofit organization.”

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